Handmade in Chile  




Our amplifiers are made entirely by hand wired point to point. We use high-quality components , Orange Drop capacitors , Mallory , Silver Mica , JJ Tesla, Alpha potentiometers , Bases earthenware pipes , Swith Carling or Switchcraft , JJ Tesla tubes , output transformer Classictone, aluminum chassis and 15mm plywood cabinets in or 18mm and upholstered with imported tolex . In our speaker cabinets occupy Warehouse Speakers or customer preference. We care every detail to comply with the requirement of the customer. Among our products you will also find all the components necessary for the renewal and maintenance of your equipment. It is important to consider that there is no stock of amplifiers, these will begin to manufacture at the time of order and " first come " . Contact us to enter your order!


Amplifiers  in 18W - 20W and 50W, mono channel or two channel.






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